Zenith Z-5RS SB VS PTR 9CT-601

Zenith Z-5RS SB VS PTR 9CT-601 MP5 clones side by side.  Featuring Olympia Arms Exchange & Sales Package.  Contact us for more info on the sale of the Zenith and PTR Olympia Arms Kits.  Featuring 5.11 Tactical sling bag, AT3 or Sig Romeo5 optic.  Both with SB Tactical braces.  www.olympiaarms.com olympiaarms@gmail.com 

Custom Glock 19X

 New in box, Custom Glock 19X Multi Cam.  Frame Stippling-Rookworx; Frame ports and Trijicon RMR slide cut bu JagerWerks; and  Blowndeadline for the multi-cam cerakote.  Comes with Glock 4 pistol bag.  Contact us for more details on how to purchase this 19X! 0lympiaarms@gmail.com 

Walther Arms 30 day money back guarantee program


Walther Arms 30 day money back guarantee program runs through June 30, 2019. Check out this video as I talk about the program. In summary, contact us to purchase a PPQ line pistol, shoot it for 30 days, if you don’t love it, sent it back for a full refund……Yes full refund including taxes you pay on it. It’s called the Love it, Shoot it Buy it. Contact us at Olympiaarms@gmail.com or call us. Check out our website at www.olympiaarms.com

Diamondback AR Pistol Sale .223 5.56 SBA3 BRace

 Checkout our website www.olympiaarms.com and see more info on the three packages offered for the Diamondback DB15 AR Pistol in .223/5.56.  Tier I package shown.  Website as two other versions.  Contact us for more info and availability.  Assault Weapons ban is coming and the Pistol ARs and braces are on the chopping block. 

Sig Sauer MPK K TACOPS TALO 9mm Pistol not SBR

Comparing Sig Sauer MPX SBR with the Sig Sauer MPX K TACOPS TALO Pistol.  Not sure why anyone would get the SBR over the pistol! Contact us for a limited run of these TALO's.  www.olympiaarms.com or email olympiaarms@gmail.com 

PTR 9CT 601, MP5 Clone 9mm

 Showing off our PTR 9CT 601.  Darn close to an HK MP5 without the high price they demand.  Lots of sexy options and best part is that one does not need a tax stamp!  These will most likely not be sold once our leaders decide to stop pistols braces.  Hit us up at olympiaarms.com or www.olympiaarms.com for more info. 

Diamondback DB 15 AR Pistol .223 5.56

 Quick glance at the DB 15 AR Pistol from Diamondback.  Upgraded with SB3 multi point brace.  Comes with 10.5" Barrel, KEY MOD hand guard.  Who needs an SBR when you can get an AAR pistol.  Contact us at olympiaarms.com or olympiaarms@gmail.com 

HK 416 (Heckler & Koch) 22 LR

 HK 416 (Heckler & Koch) 22 LR. With one 25 round magazine. new in box. limited run.   Contact us for more details olympiaarms@gmail.com 

US Government Issued M 1911 A1

Showing off the US Government issued M 1911 A1.  Given to CMP from US Government and obtained via CMP Lottery.  Remington Stamped! 


Olympia Arms Exchange and Sales LLC. showing off our new customized POF (Patriot Ordinance Factory) Renegade + AR Pistol in .223/5.56.  10.5" Barrel and loaded with extras like, Warden Blast Diffuser, Surefire suppressor ready muzzle brake, law tactical folding stock.  Contact us at olympiaarms@gmail.com www.olympiaarms.com.  Follow me on Instagram @olympiaarms 


Custom POF Renegade Plus New in Box

10.5" barrel

Ambi-catch release features

Drop in Trigger

Law Tactical Folding Stock

Surefire Suppressor Ready Brake

Warden Blast Diffuser

Two mags

Hard Case

All Original Parts  

Lori talks about the new in stock FNS 9C. blonde guns in Seattle

Contact us for info on .40 CAL BLK/BLK or the 9mm BLK/SS Slide.  FDE DEMO will be available in the future at a sale price!  SHOOT VID TO COME!!! Keep watching 

PART 2 FNS 9C Range Day

 Lori, with Olympia Arms Exchange and Sales, puts a few rounds down range with the fde FNS 9C by FN.  9mm with three magazines 17, 12, and 12.  This model is in BLK over FDE. Super compact and sexy!  Put approx. 50 rounds and had no issues.  We have a 40 cal version and a stainless on black 9mm model.  For more info check us out at www.olympiaarms.com instagram olympiaarms and facebook Olympia Arms  

Lori does Unboxing 300 Arms Pente and RANGE SHOOT

We received our demo MP5 Clone named the Pente from our friends at 300 Arms Manufacturing.  This is a 9mm 7" Pistol not an SBR.  No Form 4 required.  You can configure the forward grip and color.  About a two week lead time for a custom order.  Check out our main page for more pics and details.  Call us to order yours.  Enjoy the clip! Had a blast shooting it.   

Lori chats about Diamondback DB15's and AT3 Red Dot bundle

Two versions of Diamnondback AR DB 15's with the Olympia Arms AR Bundle that includes QF Bus sights and an AT3 Red dot optics.  Oh! and for those who asked about my heels, yes I talk about them as well!

AR Stormtrooper .300 AAC Blackout

Showing off my Bakers! oh, and this awesome .300 AAC Blackout Stormtrooper Edition from Manufacturer 300 Arms.  I hat a bit about .300 AAC vs 5.56/.233 rounds and go over a few basic features of the Stormtrooper.....Oh, did I mention my Bakers :) 


Ruger LCXR 22 LR UPC: 736676054350


This  8 round Revolver: Double Action,  Hogue Tamer Monogrip, 3" Stainless Steel barrel,  External Hammer. 

Fluted Stainless Steel Cylinder w/ PVD Finish    

Happy Holloween From Olympia Arms

Poking fun at glock ending a great Glocktober Month.  Showcasing our new Sig P365